Dear Friends,

September 2002 marked the end of Zoo Atlanta's Zoomobile, one of the largest outreach programs in the country.  Having authored and conducted these programs for many years, as well as having authored and conducted educational programs for the Georgia Aquarium, I have grown to understand the value of a quality educational outreach program to the community.  This is why I have created Animal Adventures, Ltd., a non profit environmental education outreach program that features the most diverse tractable animal collection.  We provide the most educational, interactive, live animal outreach programs in Georgia.

Animal Adventures offers GPS based programs, presented at your location, for ages three through senior adult.  These programs are available to schools, scouts, libraries, camps, festivals, private parties, corporations, religious facilities and retirement communities at a cost that is less than Zoomobile's 2002 program pricing. 

We believe that teaching compassion towards all living creatures benefits both wildlife and our society.  Since experience precedes learning, the inclusion of live animals, exotic biofacts and hands-on activities in our programs enable us to attain your educational goals.  Let Animal Adventures help you bring life sciences to life!


Robin Pressley
CEO & President
Animal Adventures, Ltd.



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